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Sarah Barthelow Murphy
Lopez Island School BoardDirector #3 Position


Hi there! I’m Sarah. Some of you know me as Sarah Barthelow but my married name is Sarah Murphy. I grew up here; I was born and raised on Lopez in the 80s and 90s (back when the Southend Market was still called “Islandale” and we all waited in Lane One.) In the summer of 2021, I moved back to Lopez with my family. My husband, Gabe, and I have three children: Kyla (12), Lachlan (3) and Mira (6 months).


I attended Lopez elementary, middle and high schools before heading out into the bigger world. I graduated with degrees in anthropology from Stanford University (BA) and the University of Oxford (MSc). I later went on to receive a teaching certificate and, most recently, a masters in Child and Adolescent Psychology from UW.


I've spent my career working in education and look forward to putting my skills to work for the community as a member of the school board. 


  • 15 years experience in schools as a classroom teacher, administrator, and school counselor

  • Founded and ran a national educational innovation consulting company

  • Former board member Lopez Island Family Resource Center

  • Former executive board member of two educational non-profits

  • Served as a founding faculty  member  for a new Seattle-area high school

  • Licensed child and adolescent mental health counselor - trained in active listening and communication skills

  • Teaching credential with coursework in the social and cultural foundations of education

  • Experienced with curriculum development for grades 5-12 in math, English, history, PE, design thinking


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Financial Sustainability

I will work toward creating a financially sustainable model to ensure a quality education for our students and future generations.

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Innovative learning

I will support the programs that make Lopez unique and explore creative learning opportunities that benefit a small school and district.

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Communication and Transparency

I will engage in active communication with Lopez teachers, students, and community and provide information about process, policy, and decisions. 


 "Sarah would make an amazing contribution to the School Board with her history with the school, her knowledge of child development and mental health, and the breadth of her educational background and hands-on knowledge. We could not ask for more!"

Karen Eames

“Sarah represents the competence, character, commitment, skill, experience and spirit of community our school district needs right now."

Jane Fuller

County Council Representative

"I’m 100% confident that Sarah Murphy will serve the community and school well as a member of the board and couldn’t be happier to give her my endorsement."

Meredith Perry

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Katy Hill
Peggy Bill
Rhea Miller
Eduardo Rendon
Karla Alcazar
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Tara Garland-Dalton
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Marcia Barthelow
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Kathie Jacobs
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Connie Holz
Catalina Wood
Faith Van De Putte
Todd Goldsmith
Dianne Goldsmith
Polly Ham
Teri Linneman
Liz Scranton
Karen Gilbert
Patricia Burleson
Laura Adams
David Bill
Nicole O'Bryant
Bill LeDrew
Constance Euerle
Janet Baltzer
Scott Steckler
Lisa Geddes
Kai Sanburn
Anne Hall
David Hall
Beth Shirk

Rick​ Perry
Meredith Perry
Jessica Dahl
Gretchen LeBoutillier Good
Melissa Rohde
Mark Eames
Rochelle Fowler
Quill Teal-Sullivan
Iris Graville
Sue Roundy
Tanya Carney
Sheila Metcalf
Kitty Harmon
Suzanne Berry
Stephen Adams
Megan Crandell
Molly Swan-Sheeran
Christa Campbell
Paul Henricksen
John Helding
Al Lorenzen
Jane Fuller
Kirman Taylor
Jane Ward
Ron Metcalf
Patsy Haber
Asha Lela




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